I’m not clear on this one. Isn’t that a Star Trek reference?

Lot’s kids. Come on, people — get me some more difficult questions here!

The Amalekites were bitter, violent enemies of the Hebrews. Eventually, the Israelites overcame the Amalekites’ superior military skill though a leverage buyout.

The word “selah” can be found in several places in the Psalms. It’s an unpronounceable sign used during musical presentations of scripture that literally means “begin freestyle rapping here.”

Yes — she was his wife. She was also Abram’s half sister (the other half was his half brother — long story).

Honestly, if you read them for long enough, they all start to sound alike.

Mrs. P. (She could never get used to pronouncing “Potiphar.”)

That’s what Moses’ wife said.

A Mizpah was an ancient tower in which male children were allowed to go until they were of a certain age, after which they were barred from entering. They birthday after which a boy could not enter was known as his “bar-mitzpah.”

A lyric from an ancient Hebrew song. It went something like this: “Mana na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Goatman!”