Through this blog you and I are going to read the Bible together. I will try and post a few verses every week, pray on them, and tell you what the Lord has revealed to me about each one. There are 7,959 verses in the Bible, so if I can average comments on two of them every day, I should be able to complete the entire Bible around March 14, 2020. But with all my charity work and dealing with the blessings of my family, I may not be able to meet this schedule.

I am not a Bible or Biblical scholar and I do not have a lot of technical education in Biblical history, philosophy, or apologetics. But I do have something that any Jesus-denying or non-Bible-fearing “scholar” has, and that is a close, personal relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The information I post in my notes will come from five distinct, independent sources:

  • Prayer
  • Fasting
  • Divine insperation
  • Additional prayer
  • Self denial, occasional flagellation, and (when all else fails) Google

If anything I say or reveal conflicts with what you believe or have been told, remember that I am first and foremost a servant of the Lord, humble and meek, and that anyone who disagrees with what the Lord has told me is disagreeing not only with God but with me as well.

You would also do well to remember that, in my meekness, I will be inheriting the Earth, and when I do anyone who has given me a hard time had better watch out! Praise Jesus!