I don’t remember that. We have Wikipedia for a reason, you know.

“Jew” is short for “Judah,” just like “No” is short for “Noah” and (in some languages) “cheese” is short for “Jesus.”

Three. The first was made of straw, but it got blown down by a wolf. The second was made of sticks, but it got blown down by a wolf. The third was made of stone, and for all practical purposes is considered wolf-proof.

No; this is a distortion due to many years of lackluster copyediting. On his local baseball team, Ham was the first-base man.

Right around the same time that he started to have conflicting feelings about his siblings.

Right after they ate the last of the food.

Are you saying that she couldn’t have named herself just because she’s a woman? That’s sexist! Anyway, Adam named Eve.

The woman who gave birth to him. In fact, this pattern holds for all Biblical characters (other than the first two).

Mrs. Cain.

That’s what Aaron’s wife said.